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NCR Test Notes 

Bank note printing and cash management system firms worldwide show their expertise by printing examples or samples, usually called Test or Promotional Notes.

The most common types are:

  • Test notes made for marketing purposes.
  • Test notes produced for large, international gatherings of currency collectors, dealers, and manufacturers, like annual International Bank Note Society (IBNS) meetings.
  • Test notes made for trail runs of future use.
  • Test ATM's and other devices such as currency counters.
  • Test notes made for banking and cash handling firms to practice with new issue of notes.

Here are just few of them:

Euro Buildings of Europe Set




Deutchmark Portraits Set





Dollar NCR Family of Self Service Financial Terminals Set



ncr 5 dol02 


ncr 10 dol04 


nc rcanada-10002


Source: Currency Den



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