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NCR Century Series

NCR Century 75

A system small in physical size but one that offers greatNCR Century 75 processing power. Provides unusual expansion capabilities for batch or online operations.

Base System

  • Memory - 16K bytes; core; 1.2 ms memory cycle for 2-byte access;
  • Arithmetic/Logic - 34 hardware commands;
  • Input/Output Control - scanned 8-position multiplexor trunk (120 KB);
  • One 8-position high speed trunk (416 KB); 6-way simultaneity, plus compute.
  • Operator Communications - integrated input/output writer and operator console.
  • Base Peripherals - integrated card (300 cpm) or punched tape (1000 cps) reader; Integrated dual disc unit (9.93 million byte unit capacity, 312.5 KB transfer rate, 47.5 ms average access including latency);
  • Freestanding printer (200 1pm alphanumeric).


  • Memory expandable in increments to 64K.
  • Hardware Commands Logic; Multiply; Divide. One additional 8-position trunk (120 KB) and one additional 8-position trunk (276 KB).
  • Integrated communications interface for up to 10 lines.
  • Peripherals; terminals; communications equipment.




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