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NCR Century Series

NCR Century 201

The NCR Century 201 is a powerful system for large-file batch, online, and multiprogramming. NCR Century 201The capabilities of the NCR Century 201 are easily expandable through a series of optional features.

In keeping with the NCR Century philosophy of upward compatibility, programs compiled on  NCR Century 201 system may be run on the NCR Century 251, without recompilation.

Base System

  • Memory 64K bytes; core; 650 nanosecond memory cycle for 2-byte access;
  • Arithmetic/Logic - asynchronous operation; live registers; 39 hardware commands;
  • Input/Output control - two dedicated trunks; three 8-position trunks (120 KB); two 8-position high speed trunks (487 KB); one 8-position very high speed trunk (800 KB); 9-way simultaneity; 1500 KB system bandwidth;
  • Operator Communications - integrated input/output writer and operator console;
  • Peripherals:
  • Integrated card (300 cpm) or punched tape (1000 cps) reader;
  • High speed printer (1200 1pm alphanumeric);
  • Freestanding two-drawer disc unit and control (95 million byte unit capacity, 500 KB transfer rate, 72.5 ms average access including latency).


  • Memory expandable in increments to 512K;
  • Hardware Commands - Multiprogramming; Logic;
  • Multiply; Trace; Floating Point; 315 Compatibility; 1400 Series Compatibility;
  • One additional 8-position very high speed trunk (800 KB) replacing a low speed trunk; 1818 KB system bandwidth.
  • Peripherals;
  • Terminals;
  • Communications equipment.




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