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Googlism: What is NCR will find out what thinks of you, your friends or anything!

ncr is mandated by the child protection law
ncr is again an independent company with stock trading on the exchanges of the world under its former symbol
ncr is there with the solutions that companies
ncr is op overnamepad
ncr is dedicated to being a world
ncr is a private non
ncr is one of the major companies that the world trusts with its transactions
ncr is different from these therapies
ncr is the only physical medicine technique that routinely expects to produce permanent
ncr is astounding
ncr is putting its relationships with retailers
ncr is a leader in service management and shares amadeus' vision of providing superior customer service
ncr is seeking talented professionals in the following areas
ncr is working on here apart from nadra?
ncr is not
ncr is working with leading olap technology partners to provide on
ncr is the global kiosk hardware leader savage beast technologies has teamed up with ncr corporation to jointly develop
ncr is a global company with over 100 years of experience in providing world class products and services
ncr is uniquely qualified to
ncr is in the midst of an extensive
ncr is een gewaardeerd deelnemer in netwerken van overheid
ncr is augmenting the power of its data warehousing and professional consultancy services through an agreement with quadstone limited
ncr is a recognised
ncr is now a global solutions partner
ncr is a leader in esl technology
ncr is changing lanes
ncr is pleased to support the open group's privacy conference
ncr is equipping its award
ncr is at the forefront of this technology
ncr is a recognized world
ncr is the first systems vendor to offer firewall
ncr is committing to this program in real dollars
ncr is a recognized leader in the scalable data warehouse marketplace
ncr is a very active member in the technical sub
ncr is enhancing systemedia?s customer relationships and
ncr is the global atm leader
ncr is a hardware and software company
ncr is also providing the universities with start
ncr is an industry leader in data warehousing
ncr is a world leader in data warehousing solutions
ncr is targeting gross margin improvements
ncr is in an excellent position to fund our future growth
ncr is a recognized
ncr is mailed from kansas city mo on the saturday before the issue date
ncr is now but one of three parts of the larger whole
ncr is ideally suited to help business turn collected date into information that can help build relationships not only with customers but also with suppliers
ncr is not the first software supplier most it managers think of
ncr is made of and what finish it has
ncr is respecting your privacy
ncr is continuously looking at ways to make people more comfortable using atms
ncr is leveraging the power of a teradata environment with the multidimensional analysis and reporting capabilities of cognos enterprise reporting for e
ncr is one treatment used to resolve head tilts and facial asymmetries
ncr is the leader in worldwide
ncr is providing wavelan* technology to digital ocean for its "grouper" wireless product line
ncr is the world leader in data warehousing
ncr is excited about this agreement
ncr is a great customer for the tanisys focus program due to its leadership in the computer industry many decades
ncr is currently bringing the power of teradata to several e
ncr is the world leader in automated teller machines and high
ncr is targeting the service at global organizations with multiple locations
ncr is acutely aware of this transformation and is at the forefront of the revolution in technology that can solve bank executives' headaches
ncr is showcasing its wines and spirits information kiosk at grocery innovations canada
ncr is the
ncr is the chapter of dama international
ncr is dedicated to safe motorcar operations
ncr is deploying the backbone of what will become one of the biggest internet infrastructures in the region
ncr is a leading international provider of technology solutions to the financial
ncr is expecting record
ncr is asking the court to order palm and handspring to stop selling their handheld devices
ncr is the training regiment at gulfport
ncr is a true world leader
ncr is the world's fifth largest provider of hardware support and installation services
ncr is
ncr is extremely pleased with the project results
ncr is the world?s leading supplier of pos solutions for retailers and atm and self
ncr is there with
ncr is about
ncr is now among the few companies in the internet age that can justifiably claim that time is on its side

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