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NCR announces a new family of computers.

The Century Series represents a new chapter in electronic data processing and incorporates the most modern technological developments.

We spent years designing and perfecting the Century Series of computers. For all levels of users. For both business and scientific applications. And for easy, low-cost installation.

A compatible family of computers. The Century Series will meet your requirements today and tomorrow. You can increase capacity and power as your needs change. No need to start over again. And no expensive reprogramming.

Great advancements in computer technology are incorporated in all members of the family. Their internal memories utilize thin film, short rods. Offering speed in the 800 nanosecond range. Yet automated manufacturing techniques have made this ultra-fast memory lower cost than slower core memory.

Monolithic integrated logic circuitry is used throughout the Century components. This new generation of super circuits has the power of conventional or hybrid types used in the past and at a fraction of the size. A universal type is arranged in only six different patterns to make up 80% of all logic circuitry in the Century. This standardization achieves a high degree of operating reliability at greatly reduced cost.

Dual spindle disc unit is an important common feature of all Century computers. For small Century systems it provides magnetic file processing. For larger Century systems the disc unit serves as a storage device for operating software.

Wide range of CPU memories, from 16,384 to 524,288 eight-bit characters. Future Century computers will offer memories up to one million characters. The lowest cost Century offers three-way simultaneity and on-line processing. You can move up to nine-way simultaneity and multi-programming, and eventually to multi-processing and 17-way simultaneity.

Expandability! All Century computers have it. You can add more disc units with 108 or 180 kc transfer rates and eight- million character capacities. Card Random Access Memory (CRAM) units each with a capacity of 125 million characters. Magnetic tape units with transfer rates up to 240 kc. 3000 LPM printers. MICR sorter/readers. OCR readers. Punched card and tape equipment. Remote on-line devices.

Sophisticated software! No other computer in the same price range as any Century computer can offer as much. Compilers, operating systems, applied programs and utility routines. All written, tested and ready-to-go for all members of the family. Programming languages: COBOL, FORTRAN and NCRís own NEAT/3. Youíll appreciate the completeness of the Century operating system. The monitor section, for example, can completely schedule a Century computerís operation. Programs are loaded and automatically executed in the desired sequence based on priority, date or special conditions.

NEAT/3, a language with built-in simplicity, incorporates simple English instructions with powerful tools that enable the computer to generate its own program. Complicated logic and coding are eliminated because flexible procedural instructions and pre-programmed major computer functions are combined in one language.

Get the complete story of the Century. Thereís much more to tell about the Century Series that gives unequalled per- dollar performance.

Call your NCR representative today for more information or write to The National Cash Register Company, Dayton, Ohio 45409.


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