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Author Topic: Any Technical Document of Teller's Terminal C-270  (Read 5892 times)
n8eyh with OCD-WM42 of Hilse
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« on: June 08, 2007, 04:22:14 am »

Hi! all,
 I am looking for the technical information of C-270 teller's terminal for the banking system.
Because in late April of 1972 I met this machine of the beta version at the Dayton sales branch which had been located near the intersection between the West Dorothy Lane and the South Dixie Highway.
I am sure that C-270 was a successful product for the banking system as the successor of C-42 mechanical teller's machine.
Because it was very flexible to accommodate the operational procedure with displaying opration's guidances.
The accommodation had been provided by the NCR micro cpu which might have been manufactured by the NCR Miamisburg factory, I suppose, because I know the fact that the Intel had just designed the 4004 and started to put the cpu product to the market since November in 1971.
(BTW: The original purpose of Intel 4004 Micro CPU development was to satisfy the OEM requirements for NCR Adding machine to the Busicom in Japan through the office of E&M Oiso of NCR. The original designer and developer, Dr. Masatoshi Shima, had been introducing the Story to invent the 4004 micro cpu in the web page,
Thus, I think that the father of the micro proccessor is the policy of NCR R&D.)
Well, back to the C-270, the C-270 beta version was very accurate. However, it was sometimes fault during long hours by debugging my host programs.
The field engineer said the cpu had been very sensitive to the temperature. It was very similar to the Intel 4004 cpu's weak point around 1970s.
On the other hand, the display mechanics might be based originally on the microfiche rotated movement so rapidly.

I would like to make sure whether or not the cpu is made by NCR design, if I could get any information related to the cpu of C-270.

I remember:
My business short trip to Dayton was to make a demo tasks to confirm the availability of New C-270 terminal for the Japanese banking customer rep., through the enhanced OCD (Online Communication Driver) which had been developed for the Century 200 computer.
In the branch there was the COFS-II project which was led by the manager, Mr. David Chen, who was the responsible person to develop the NCR banking common software package for the online computer development users who did not need to design the software architecture, but wrote programs of the application task procedure.
The COFS-I had been developed for the Cetury 100 users under the limited small memory size with the overlayed application like the virtual memory technique in nowaday. Thus the performance was worse less than the availability.
However, the Century 200 was powerful by the 256K bytes memory and the HASP feature for the ISR performance of the verify-1 procedure. Just I was in early 20s years old there.

Does anyone have additional information of C-270?

Best regards,
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Katsuhiko Hirai
Fan of the Century architecture under 63 index registers.
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