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Author Topic: 315 "Operating Systems"  (Read 3497 times)
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« on: October 31, 2016, 06:55:35 pm »

I started at the NCR Electronics Division in Hawthorn California writing what would now be called device drivers for the 315 computer. The 315 didn't have anything like a modern operating system. All the device drivers were linked directly with the program that used them and the whole package was loaded into memory for execution.

There was a monitor program that was executed between the applications that controlled the order and specifics of which batch jobs were run. I remember (though it's been some time) that it allowed control of program by date, day, and time so that companies could have certain programs run daily, others monthly, others on weekends, ...

Programs were often linked with "executives" which provided a more general control of peripherals and operations, somewhat more like modern operating system "kernels". I believe "STEP" (Standard Tape Executive Program) provide magnetic tape file and reel management. There was a similar executive for CRAM devices (though I forget the name).

I, personally, worked on the on-line banking executive which provided communication device and CRAM management for banking systems. It was also adapted for Pacific Southwest Airlines ticketing and check-in.
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