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Author Topic: NCR Computer development through stimulating by Ham Radio Hobby  (Read 6616 times)
n8eyh with OCD-WM42 of Hilse
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« on: December 14, 2009, 02:49:49 pm »

Hi, member of NCR ex_engineers,

  How are you doing now?
I am fine only in health of body even under the economical recession since last year.
I am a ham radio hobbyst since 1962.
Last week I got a new friend who is professor of marketing institute and likes restoring vintage radios.
I got a question from him, 'Why did NCR acquisition 'Signal/One' in '60s and spin off in '70s?
As I did not have any correct answers, I checked the archive in this web site, 'Father and Brothers of NCR Computer'.
I noticed that Senior vice president Donald E. Eckdahl and Director Joseph Desch were good hobbysts of Ham Radio.
Mr. Eckdahl enjoyed the hobby since his young days. Mr. Desch developed NCR Bombe in WWII, as you know well.
From my understanding I believe that they have known the necessity of computer communication technology.
In ham radio we used to operate morse code based conversation through the wireless communication.
Generally the code based communication is very convenient for computers.
I suppose that they intended to introduce the technology of the wireless communication into the computer communication.
Then 'Signal/One' developed strategic products for the military purpose and the ham radio hobbyst.
However, through escalating Vietnam war the hobbyst consumer market of 'Signal/One' could not increase strongly comparing with the militay purpose purchase under the cold-war. Finally NCR centralization spinned off 'Signal/One'. NCR communication products could not be released until the COMTEN merging.  This is my understanding, even though I am worrying about the correctness. Does anyone know the real history why NCR have merged communication development and spinned off them? Best regards Katsuhiko

Katsuhiko Hirai
Fan of the Century architecture under 63 index registers.
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