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Author Topic: NCR [Business] Applications  (Read 10430 times)
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« on: March 26, 2009, 06:20:20 am »

This forum has an emphasis on hardware, yet much of NCR's former success should be attributed to its software offerings. If one had an application to help a client run his business, then an order for hardware to run the application would not be far behind.

US Marketing (aka USDPG) was organized along business verticals: retail, financial, and CI/MEG. Software development teams catered to the needs of each of these business areas.

C = Commercial, or the distribution industry
I = Industrial, or the manufacturing sector
M = Medical, for hospital administration
E = Education, or school administration
G = Government. usually for small government units

Before I joined NCR in 1985, I was an early adopter of an MRP application (IMCS-II) that ran on the I-series of minicomputers (82XX, 84XX, 9XXX, and finally, the 10000 series).

By 1988, USDPG was abandoning business application development which would eliminate sales of proprietary hardware (accelerated by the conversion to UNIX-based "open systems").

Without software to drive hardware sales, the NCR product offerings became just another hardware commodity; with the resulting lower profit margins. At the same time, the acquisition of NCR by AT&T added to the loss of focus. By the time the series 3000 product line was introduced, CI/MEG was effectively dead.

But those applications drove a lot of profitable hardware sales for about 15 years. NCR has been a smaller company since their demise.
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