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 on: January 27, 2015, 05:19:37 pm 
Started by terrymoz - Last post by terrymoz
Hello Heiko
Good to hear from you and your memories of those days at the ITEC on the
North Circular Road.  I remember the incident when I walked into your classroom and
started speaking about the Printer, it was to see how far I could get before someone among the students would
correct me and let me know that it was not the subject they expected. Happily it was not too long before
I was reminded that I was teaching the wrong material.
They were very happy days

Sadly Joe Fry died some years ago, As for Tom Baldwin, Dudley Lowe and Dave Lewis they are all now retired from working, I know Dudley lowe is still with us but have no idea of the status of the others
Soon after 1072 the ITEC was relocated to Dundee in Scotland which was a disaster and very unpopular 

 on: January 16, 2015, 05:15:37 pm 
Started by terrymoz - Last post by heikobuss
Hi Terry,

i thought about the men who teached us the 615 Tape drives (i remember the "egg crate" ....).

It is possible that his name was Paul Vincent or so??


 on: January 12, 2015, 10:27:08 am 
Started by n8eyh with OCD-WM42 of Hilse - Last post by wally
Hi Heiko,
as far as I can remember the printer was the main-difference 399 - 499.
"Grünkohl" is "curly kale" or just "kale".
Give my regards to Klaus.
Best regards Wally.

 on: January 12, 2015, 09:11:14 am 
Started by n8eyh with OCD-WM42 of Hilse - Last post by heikobuss
Hello Wally,

I had to install and support several BW-Installations in Schleswig-Holstein, and every Installation consist of a NCR-499 with the Label "M05" on it - strange!

I never was trained on a 399. What were the differences between the 399 and the 499? I guess the main difference were the ball print head on the 399 against the matrix print head on the 499?

The collegues from the former NCR-Branch Hamburg (ALL collegues (cash registers, medium sized EDP, Mainframes)) meet every two years to talk, refresh their memorys, to drink and mainly to eat "Grünkohl" (is there a corresponding word in English?). This year this meeting is end of February, and there I will meet Klaus Mahl and tell him about our postings.

Best Regards

 on: January 11, 2015, 05:08:41 pm 
Started by n8eyh with OCD-WM42 of Hilse - Last post by wally
Hi Heiko,
yes, it was Klaus Mahl! The decision, who had to cover South or North, was made by the managers in Augsburg.
We were both for 2 or 3 weeks in Augsburg, preparing the first 399s to be delivered to customers.
And as my base was Hannover, they decided for me to do the North.

The pilot-installation at BW Ahrbergen consisted of a 399, 368 and 378 for punched cards, 349 line printer, 314 ML-reader
and a punch card sorter (IBM 082 or 083) and an older IBM-communications-unit for transmitting punched cards.
As the summer 1975 was very hot, I had to modify the 605 (399) with stronger blowers. One of the requirements was operation
without air-conditioning. After BW had placed the order, the first units delivered were 399s. I never heard about any relabeling
and later on I was to far away.

When I was with H. Fischer at BW Lengerich, we did a communications-test with the 399. This was done by a hand made ring connection.
Leaving Lengrich from one 399 and going via 10 or a few more depots and returning to Lengrich to a second 399.
The transmissions were a success.

My training for communications was done during my time in Dayton. So I was also involved in the 399-installations for
the "Oberpostdirektionen", all with binary-synchronous-communications. Later in Bermuda I found a bug in the BSC-routines,
which I fixed. But I had a lot of discussions about it with the guys in Dayton. In the end they had to admit the bug.

I was also heavily involved in 726-support. I programmed once (still in Germany) a support-tool for it.
It was used for dumping and loading the memory of a 726. I did this in 605 machine language. I got a 400 DM bonus from NCR for it.
Later I was involved in introducing "scanning" to Bermuda and I was asked to switch sides and develop software for the customer.

The article about Mr. Cusack was published in an old NCR-magazin (must have been 60s). He passed away in Sep. last year at age 93.
I never used a unicycle, but I used scooters and motorbikes in Bermuda (I lived and worked there for 12 years).

Since a few years I enjoy now my retirement, working only private with PCs and software.

Best regards Wally.

 on: January 11, 2015, 02:47:18 pm 
Started by n8eyh with OCD-WM42 of Hilse - Last post by heikobuss
Hallo Wally,

thanks for your reply.

I was stationed at the NCR-Branch in Kiel and had to do the Century-Support  (and later on for the Bundeswehr and Karstadt (726/255)) in Schleswig-Holstein. My Chef resides in Hamburg (Dieter Huke).

You mentioned Klaus Huh? from Hamburg doing the same 605-Course as you. Was it possibly Klaus Mahl? He was the NCR-500-Specialist in Hamburg, and it sounds logically that he did this course, because the 605 seems to be the follower of the good old NCR-500.

It sounds funny that he did the support in the South - from Hamburg?

My 615-100/200-Training was in London, the rest of all trainings were in Augsburg (Basic-Training, 605, the 499, the 657-Disk with the 625-Controller, an new Controller to handle Compact-Cassettes as Input-Device on the Century, the Binary Synchronous Communications-Course (for the Bundeswehr-Machines), and so on. I've never been in Giessen or in the USA - unfortunately .....

You wrote, NCR gets the order - in competition to installations of IBM, Phillips and Nixdorf. A myth (rumor?) says, that NCR offers the 499, and the Bundeswehr didn't like it. So NCR produced some new labels to stick them on the machines and re-labeled the 499 to "M05" and offered again - and became the order .....

We technicians where all laughing about the old "historical" Peripherals NCR sold to the Bundeswehr. Machines like the "I-8200" (with IMOS as Operating System), with Disks, Printers and several Monitors (Multi-User) where State of the Art at this time - and they had there a system with Ledger Cards(!) for Storage (I remember the big Ledger Card feeder coming from the NCR-500), with Punched Cards as input medium (Juki-Locher!), with several big hods storing all the hundreds of Ledger Cards - Data Processing at the level of 1967 (NCR-315)!! Really funny!!

I remember the Juki Card Punch having an interface to connect it to the 499 (sorry: M05 ..) -  so they could punch the cards programm controlled from the 499 (Whow!). This Interface was "handmade" by an engineer bureau at Paderborn. Some years later I contacted this bureau, and they produced a lot of  "handmade" and  "hand-programmed" data input terminals (like Datalogic) for special purposes for my company - very good people there!

On this Bundeswehr material depots I remember the time to wait for the hand-made(!) connection to München-Erding to transmit data!

I remember they printed a very lot of "MBS" ("Material-Begleit-Schein") with 4(!) copies at the 499 console matrix printer - I guess, this Printer was really not constructed for THIS use!

Yes, the 605 was a very nice CPU. Lateron NCR evaluated the 605 from a 4-Board-CPU to an 1-Bord-CPU (that was after my NCR-Time).

The 605 was in an lot of machines (726, 625-Disk-Controller für 658-Disks, Century 8200, I-8200, 399,499, Multiplexer for Terminals (RS-232) on VRX-Machines, Cash Dispensers, all the "IMOS"-Machines, and, and, and ....

I guess the 605 was the most produced CPU NCR ever build.

Very funny the article over Mr. Cusack on his Unicycle at the Bermudas! Did you also use this vehicle for the way to your custumers ...?

"Those were the days, my friend we thought they'd never end............."

Best Regards

 on: January 11, 2015, 10:58:49 am 
Started by n8eyh with OCD-WM42 of Hilse - Last post by wally
Hi Heiko,
as I mentioned before, in Germany I was one of the first, who had training for the 605 (399). I had my training at
ITEC Giessen (1973). The other engineer was from Hamburg (Klaus ??). In the first few month we had to cover all of Germany.
He did the South and me the North and West-Berlin. My training for peripherals I had at CTEC Dayton in 1974 (4 to 5 month).
The teachers in Giessen were Edgar ?? and Hans Fischer. Hans died end of 1975, he had a tumor in his head. I was shocked, because
I had no idea about his ailment. This happened a few month after we both were on a support-trip to Bundeswehr-Depots in
the region of Lingen (BW-Depot Lengerich) and Rheine. BTW in 1975 I had the support for the pilot-installation at the Bundeswehr-Depot
in Ahrbergen (between Hannover and Hildesheim). The installation was in competition to installations of IBM, Phillips and Nixdorf.
The result was, that NCR got the order (believe it were 80 installations). In mid of 1976 I left NCR Germany and took over the
605-support for Bermuda Business Machines (Agents for NCR). Bermuda was the reward for all the hard work in
"Those were the days, my friend we thought they'd never end............."
I have attached a little funny story about making calls in Bermuda. It shows the owner of BBM (Martin Cusack RIP.)
Best regards Wally.

 on: January 09, 2015, 09:59:03 pm 
Started by n8eyh with OCD-WM42 of Hilse - Last post by heikobuss
Hallo Wally,

I just read your memorys about the 605-Processor.

I was a Field Engineer for the 615-100/200 in Germany.

I was trained for the 605 in 1974 in Augsburg - a complete Course down to Chiplevel-Repair (6 weeks?) only on the CPU.

The reason: The EDP-Service Personnell had to take over the Support for the new electronic cash registers (255/726), and we had to support the M05-Maschines (=re-labeled 499) for the german bundeswehr.

I found the 605 a very nice processor!

Best regards

 on: December 23, 2014, 12:49:09 pm 
Started by terrymoz - Last post by heikobuss
Hello Terry,

my name is Heiko Buss. I was a Field Engineer for the Century 100/200 and working for NCR Germany.

In 1972 i did the training for this machines in the ITEC in London at the North Circular Road.

I remember Tom Baldwin, Dudley Lowe, Dave Lewis and you.

A young men (Tom Huh??) driving a Triumph TR car teached us the 615-100 processor.

Another young collegue (I don't remember the Name) teached us the Tape Drives - it was his first time he did this.

Every Friday all the students where waiting in the Office of Mr. Fry (that's why this day was called the "Fryday"... Smiley ) to get their weekly expenses - very funny!

A older experienced men teached us the 615-200 processor. He came from Scotland and was not a member of the regular ITEC London staff.

One day we were waiting for you in the classroom to teach us the B1 Operating System. You came in and started immediately talking about the 626 Printer Controller (I remember the "trunk grabbing feature") and writing on the blackboard. We had to stop you and divert you to the B1 OS .....

This was the only lesson from you on this course.

I am still working in this job as a freelancer supporting small and mid-sized companys in PCs, Servers (Windows and Linux), Networking and programming applications.

But I very often think about the good exciting times with the Big Irons ...

All the best from Germany

 on: July 14, 2014, 10:18:47 am 
Started by terrymoz - Last post by terrymoz
Hi Bernd Good to hear from you again........Yes I remember teaching your class the subjects you mention, and I also
remember the world cup of 1966. I watched the match at my home with my wife.
It is now 14th july and I must congratulate Germany on their well deserved World Cup win.  I believe this is the fourth time Germany has won the world excellent record, as for the England team I dont think I can say anything|

Back to the subject of computers, I beleive the 315 was the finest computer NCR ever made. It certainly was an engineers
machine and just think the basic memory was 10K slabs in a cabinet as large as a wardrobe. I now have 8 Gb of memory in my cell phone, how times have changed eh
with best wishes

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