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Title: NCR390 Programming Manual
Post by: DaveM on May 28, 2006, 01:02:50 am
Hello NCR fans and nostalgia buffs!!

I'm looking for an NCR390 Programming Manual - or whatever the title was that described the 390 instructions in detail (ADD, BLA, CPY, DIV, MUS, RDC, RPT, etc).  Principles of Operation? A gold manual from the 1960s. I have the 1-page summary sheet from that manual.

Reason: I've developed a simulator (or emulator) for the 390, plus a language and compiler, but am hazy on some details for a few instructions (RDL, RPC) and computer actions for the paper tape symbols ER and EW, etc.

Read Ledger/Write Ledger and Read Punched Card Numeric are currently no-opped

Also, I think there were a few more buttons and switches on the console than I'm simulating, and could use some assistance (or a manual) from someone with a very good memory. I've taken pictures of the 390 console, but usually at too great a distance to read the captions on the buttons and switches.

See:    PDF documentation

Dave Morton
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Title: Re: NCR390 Programming Manual
Post by: Flightplannerjim on August 19, 2006, 10:22:23 pm
Hello Dave:
Wish I could help you with a 390 manual.
I worked for NCR from 1963 to 1966 as a 390 programmer but didn't keep a manual.
It was a very rudamentary machine with a very small memory.
I installed about 7-8 of the systems in various businesses in Philadelphia, PA and used mylar tape program overlays in some applications in order to overcome the small memory.
It was fun and a real learning experience.

Jim Layton
Kansas City, Mo.