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Title: Phillipine National Bank
Post by: JJW on October 31, 2016, 07:24:55 pm
Shortly after I completed the work on the 315 On-line Banking Executive for teh 321 controller and it became a product, there was an emergency support request from the Philippines. A system had been ordered for the Philippine National Bank and they were planning a big roll-out of their first on-line system within a couple of weeks. We were told that the system wasn't working and that since the then-president Marcos was scheduled to attend the openning it was imperative that the problem be corrected. I spent a day running around L.A. getting a visa and passport and was on a plane to Manila the next day with the 321 hardware engineer.

We arrived to discover that the problem was that much of the equipment had been left out in the tropical rain in a leaky container. New equipment was shipped by air and the system came up and ran perfectly. I spent the week training the support team in the On-line software system.

One think about the visit I won't forget was that the Philippine branch had an apartment for visitors with a maid who prepared breakfast for us every morning. She taught me how to prepare mangoes.