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Title: Century Series Card Desks or Paper Tape Reels
Post by: ron on December 27, 2011, 04:26:09 am
I would like for people that have Century series media in cards or paper tape to please post really good scanned images of them.

Then I would like some with graphics access like VB or Java or some such language post a program in source code format that would convert the columns into ASCII or object format.

I personally will do likewise as I just came across what appears to be a 6 card loader that just loads an object deck into memory without the operating system.  I would guess that its use was by service personal to load and run checks when the disk system was down.

I would like someone to post a boot card for the Century 100 for the 655 disk system.  Or the code list that is contained in the boot card.

Maybe a special place to store such items?