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Title: Simulator Project for Century Series
Post by: ron on February 15, 2010, 10:39:03 am
I am a collector of a great many times.  I programmed the NCR Century series (50, 100, 101) from 1968 to 1979.  I have retained a lot of manuals and 9 track tapes from those years.  I want to do something with them but I am not really ready to literally give the stuff away.  I would present a challenge to past century programmers to help develope a pc simulator that would be compatable with the 8200 series "C101" program using one of the base line pc simulator programs.  I have the pc equipment to read 9 track tapes and to scan manuals.  If we (and I am willing to help but I don't have the talents any longer to do bit level programming) had a pc simulator program, I could try to load these tapes (not sure of how well they have weathered the years as they have not been stored in a "computer environment" for over 25 plus years) and manuals.  I have several system tapes, general tapes, and a few contributed software tapes (around 15 2400 foot reels and they were basically new tapes at the time).  Any takers?

Same challenge for the 315 - I have less than a half dozen 7 track tapes that have STEP on them and some other stuff like NEAT and COBOL.  Those tapes I may send to bitsavers as they have 7 track drives.