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Title: NCR 446
Post by: wally on August 03, 2009, 01:27:44 pm
I was trained on the NCR 446 in 1971 at ITEC Giessen/Germany.
I am looking for pictures and manuals or other information for the NCR 446.
Looking back now, I regret, that I didn't keep any of all the stuff I had.
But everytime I moved house, a lot of things were trashed.

A programming-manual would be a great help. Because there are still NCR 446s, which are functional. And it is very difficult to make program-tapes without it.
See below a NCR 446 in action.

Title: Re: NCR 446
Post by: pa0vhp Fred van Hanswijk Pennink on September 01, 2009, 02:01:37 pm
Hallo Wally

I read your request in the forum
Maby I can help you I have worked on 446 for many years and I have still moost of the books of this machine
Also the programming manual and test tapes.
Regards Fred van Hanswijk Pennink

Title: Re: NCR 446
Post by: wally on September 01, 2009, 02:54:59 pm
Hi Fred,
this are good news. Many thanks for your reply. :) :)
I have send you an email.
Best regards Wally. :)

Title: Re: NCR 446
Post by: wally on September 16, 2009, 07:07:07 pm
I want to say, that Fred was a great help and he has done a good job, providing the necessary information in form of PDF-files.
My thank you goes to Fred. :) :)
Regards Wally.

Title: Re: NCR 446
Post by: n8eyh with OCD-WM42 of Hilse on September 27, 2009, 09:18:17 am
Hi! Dear,
I remember this machine, NCR-446, tape-boots editor for me to test Century 615 machine trouble-shooting around 1970.
At the time, the main memory array of Century 615-100 and -200 had been configured by the short-rod compact memoy elements.
He was very tiny and rapid operational cycle indeed.
However, he used to make faults because too-much oxidized elements had happened the data error.
But though we could confirmed the indicator 'ME' on the smart console panel in almost,
the worst case in the three-bits fault had not been detected as the memory fault.

When I was a freshman, our manager ordered me to make sure the fault whether it came from the memory arrays or the 655 disk drives.
Almost time when I was called for the 615 machine trouble the COT boot failed to download the disk-boot into the address 2200-2400Hex, surely.
Then, I used to make analysis boot program into the single paper Hollerith punched card or the paper tape by the machine core.
For example,
$00    BR $01
data1 H '00'
dummy H '000000'
$01    MVEB X615A,$04+4
$03    MVAR data1, 0(X615A), 1
     BCOMP 0(X615A), data1, 1
         BRE   $02
$02    BADD '0001'Hex, X615A,2
         BCOMP '0000'H
         BRU   $03
         BADD '01'H, data1, 1
$04    BR     $01

I am not sure whether this is right manner or not.
I am enjoying to make a boot program for testing the memory unit indeed.

Best regards,
Yokohama, Japan

Title: Re: NCR 446
Post by: NEXUS on September 28, 2009, 07:17:32 pm
I can only help you with the basic 615 Command Set which happens to sleep in my library; since size limit for attachments in this forum is 128K, I am sending it directly to your email address.

Good Luck with your experiments, and best regards.


Title: Re: NCR 446
Post by: n8eyh with OCD-WM42 of Hilse on October 03, 2009, 05:31:46 am
Dear Emmanuel,

I appreciate your kind gift for me to discribe C-615-100 hardware commands.
I corrected the command 'WAIT' by 'WAITI'.
However, I noticed the command 'MVEB' is illeagal for C-615-100.
Because he has no execute-circuit for this command in it.
I know the command had been emulated by the B1-Executive under the 0E00Hex address.

And, I have forgotten the NEAT/3 Level II specification completely.
Then I can not specify the literal definition to specify the target address to compute.

Does any one has the manual of the lovely NEAT/3 Level II description?
I  appreciate your provision for us.
Best regards,