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Author Topic: Hi! Member of the COFS-I development project  (Read 5034 times)
n8eyh with OCD-WM42 of Hilse
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« on: May 07, 2009, 10:34:28 am »

Dear member of the COFS-I development project in the NCR Dayton Sales Branch,

 Good morning and good afternoon from Yokohama, Japan.
My name is Katsuhiko, NCR-Japan OB.
In Yokohama, yesterday, I had a lunch with my ever OJT leader who had been a member of the COFS-I project in Dayton around 1968.
I found that he would like to meet together again with his colleagues in the project.

Although I did not join the project, in the lunch, we could remember the same key word 'Pipes of Mr. David Chen, the project manager'.
The reason why I had known the manager is that I had visited the brach building in May, 1972, for the different purpose, during developing the COFS-II.
When I visited the office of Dave to salute for getting his support, I was very surprised at arraying pipes on his desk.

My OJT leader seems to see members of the project again.
If any one knows the person of the COFS-I member, will you please let me know?
If I got any informations, I would be going to tell him that his wishing new project to gather members together should be initiated just in his wanted time. Please no need to hesitate, because we have not so much time in being active one another.

I appreciate it your help.
Best regards,
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